Why Your Business Needs An Uninterruptible Power Supply


You hear the thunder rumbling and look out your office window to see lightning flash over the parking lot. The wind is picking up, and a hard rain spatters the panes. It happens every year, the seasonal storm will knock the power out in a few minutes. This used to mean a scramble to find the candles and quickly shut down the computers before they can be damaged by a surge, but this year you just smile and keep working, knowing you have enough time to finish what you were doing before shutting down! What changed?

The thing that changed is your company has wisely installed an uninterruptible power supply in your offices! Also going by the acronym UPS, an uninterruptible power supply protects your business’s important devices against the damage a power surge brought on by a storm can cause while also keeping everything up and running when the power goes out thanks to its internal battery!

Considering that our municipal electric power grids are ageing and have faulty wiring that needs to be replaced, with little seeming to be done about it by administering authorities, a huge rise in the demand for power from businesses and consumers, and a global increase in severe foul weather thanks to climate change, your precious equipment is under constant threat from harmful, and even potentially dangerous power issues! All of that adds up to a strong UPS system being a critical investment, one that could save you a great deal of time and money.

Having a UPS system in place is particularly useful for your office’s networking equipment and any other connected devices that might experience data loss if grid power should unexpectedly experience an outage. There is a wide range of highly cost-effective models available so it’s easy to find the right one applicable to your situation. Having the protection of a UPS system is truly a necessity, they help against the downtime, damage, and data loss and caused by power failures. 

When an outage takes place, the UPS’s battery automatically kicks in so the connected devices can keep running for a while, how long depends upon factors such as the size of the battery, as well as its wattage, efficiency, and age. In the event of an outage lasting longer than the battery’s backup runtime, the UPS can be programmed to shut down all networked computers, routers, and peripherals properly in order to prevent loss of data. Unattended devices can also be set up to be automatically shut down. In the event of a longer outage, your network and all mission-critical UPS systems can continue to function if the UPS battery receives a recharge from a standby generator. The UPS system is also essential for guarding against any possible hiccups from the generator, conditioning the power before it can harm any equipment connected to it.Research is pointing to a future where Australia’s power grid is destined to fail if nothing further is done to improve it. This will be caused by massive increases in demand and the sad fact that the grid has gone too long without proper upgrades. The authorities promise to address the situation, but you shouldn’t wait, be safe and install a UPS system today!